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Trentino-Alto Adige is a region in northern Italy bordering Switzerland and Austria. It’s known for medieval castles like Schloss Tirol, Castel Roncolo and Castel d’Appiano, the Dolomites with luxurious forests and spectacular lakes


This is one of the most beautiful seaside locations in the north of Italy, with spectacular wedding venues. This is the home of the Italian Riviera and of the Cinque Terre.


If your party is looking like twenty, fifty, a hundred guests, you might think about hiring a villa. We have the best daily, weekly and short stay venues, hand-picked by our staff as ideal wedding locations


Umbria is a stunning and mostly unknown region in the centre of Italy. Its landscape is full of rolling hills and dotted with castles, villas and medieval towns, rich in history, art and in nature.


Apulia is the region known for the production of olive oil, the beautiful rock towns & beaches, its unusual Trulli (the coned shaped houses) , blue sea, the stunning countryside, the ancient cities, the delicious food and wine.


Make Capri the unforgettable location for your wedding in Italy. It is one of most romantic islands in the Mediterranean.

My Promise

This is me on my wedding day. It was in September, in Rome, where I was born and lived for 30 years. To date, it is still the best day of my life. I remember it being a fun, enjoyable, lovely day. There were my friends, my family. The weather was great, the church and the reception were amazing. The food and the wine was never ending. Some of our guests though the welcome cocktail was the actual dinner! But that was the beginning………

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What I believe

I believe in love; not the love you might watch in some soap operas or read in romantic novels but in that love which is a reciprocal and mature commitment; that deep unity of two people that want to share a life together and that will hold on in there no matter the adversities. A union based on strong feelings, honesty, kindness and respect for each other. I believe in these values and it is by them that I walk through my daily life, with the people I love, the people I happen to meet, the people I care for, the people I work with and the people I work for.

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About us

When it comes to Weddings, my team and I are as passionate as you are, even after so many years. That’s because your happiness is our number one priority. We are planners, designers, visionary and details maniac by nature, to make your special day perfect.

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Boutique Hotel in Trentino

Farmhouse in Umbria

Boutique Hotel in capri

Boutique Hotel in Trentino

Boutique Hotel in Trentino

What’s your dream for your ideal wedding? How do you visualise your perfect day, the day you will treasure forever? I’m Roberta Sabbatini and I will help you to turn that dream into reality in that most romantic of countries……Italy. I will listen to you and ask you questions so that I understand what you want, how you want it and why you want it that way. I will gather your dreams, wishes, vision, feelings, expectations and I will make them happen.


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Thank you

Roberta is a very hardworking, trustworthy, determined and professional woman. It has been a pleasure to be working with her.
– Paolo Romani – former Italian Government Minister for Economic Development (Rome)